Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New Crater

Crater 3; Acacia Feelings: The Collected Poems of Pao Ling-hui, from North
by Harry Gilonis, is now available for order. It contains 7 of HG's
faithless translations, letterpressed and hand bound in a
run of 170, available for £5 UK £6 outlands, p&p included.
Confusing folding; no paperknife required. Here's the blab on PLh:

Pao Ling-hui was an early Sung dynasty poet. Younger sister of the male poet
Pao Chao, she probably died circa 464 AD. 200 of his poems survive; her
surviving 7 are collected in the later anthology New Songs from a Jade
Terrace. Her works based on precursor poems have attracted particular praise.

Paypal, cheques and swapsies welcome. Great late Christmas present for poetry
loved ones; fantastic gauze stocking filler for a court lady or a servant who
complains. Email me for one.

Merry Christmas to all!


Friday, 11 December 2009

Records of the Year

What with the credit crunch and banking fat cats and expenses claims and immigration and so on it's been a bit of gloomy year, perhaps. What records have kept you feeling fine in 09? I attach my list below, though it's not very inspiring - kind of like I've given up a bit. Anyway, check it out and tell me yours:

1. David Ahlen We Sprout in Thy Soil - this is some Norwegian dude singing really short songs about Jesus, all echoey and sad if that's your thing. Grey credit crunch music.
2. Jono El Grande Neo Dada - More from Norway I think; Zappa style gonzo orchestra pop. Spring in step, off of rune grammafon.
3. Zombi Spirit Animal - this is a grand album, isn't it, principally because of the rad first track and so on.
4. Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavillion- this is what i mean about giving up; I've probably gained more joy from this record than any other on this list.
5. Sunn O))) Monoliths & Dimensions - this is just a grand record; toned down Sunn, which I don't think has been talked about as much as it should have been/
6. Monopoly Child Star Searchers Prince of Parrot Shooters - they've probably released 8 records this year or something, but this is the one that I got hold of and if you like abstract loops and tribal hijinks, dead slow, then this is for you. They're something to do with the Skaters?
7. Mastodon Crack the Skye - perhaps the biggest sell-out moment of 2009, which is quite an achievement for a band that were never sold in and tour supporting Metallica. Check my online review here.
8. Emeralds What Happened - everyone was interested in this band for like two minutes. And the album satisfied me. Why not?
9. Ashtray Navigations San Francisco Loops - likewise, probably 16 records out this year, but this was some joyful electrical hijinx that was happiness inducing more than some others I could mention
10. Bob Dylan Christmas in the Heart


11. Lightning Bolt Earthly Delights - I haven't actually heard this album yet, but if the next two stinkers can get on this list then it should rightfully be here
12. Om God is Good - Boring boring boring, with like a few seconds of surprise with guest bits, isn't it.
13. Zu Carboniferous - I liked this for about a week then realised it was ACTUALLY just the same old skronk rock. It's basically Sand or whatever, MORPHINE!

My play count tells me that Journey's 'Lights' is far and away the most listened to song on my iplayer, with 21 plays. And I only got the record in September.


Monday, 30 November 2009


I've finished and they've finished and I've put on the version of 'Whichita Lineman' by the Dick Slessig Combo. A lineman is the guy who fixes the telephone wires that stretch between the farapart towns in those farapart states and plains; and it's lonely. So now you know. Steve was great and arousing, I was edgy and demanding. Blang!


half time in the city of ice creams

so it's the interval; and I'm blogging. Luska did place poems which were just grand and Robert was very serious seeming, but with handouts for us to take away - and poems about Chlorine itself, that's bananas.
Hand outs!

Chlorine Live Blog Feed

It is Chlorine again! I'm live-blogging it again, and I'm reading and DJing too, so it's a multi-media venture. With a vengeance. So far I put some records on and have chilled out a bit - there was some problems finding the wire to link the laptop - but I found it.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Breeze Men's Poetry

The new Great Works has some stuff by me in it; check it if you wish, it's about quantity surveying. It's from ages ago and I don't know if it's super tiptop, but such is such. There's also a big bunch of rad stuff by other dudes there too.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

and this

Wednesday, December 16th, 6.00pm – 8.00pm

Venue: Queen Anne Building, Room 280, University of Greenwich

Followed by a Q&A, drinks and nibbles.

Come and hear 4 Young Poets read new work.

Richard Parker has read at the Crossing the Line reading series & recently completed a PhD on Louis Zukofsky. He produces the letter-pressed poetry magazine 'Crater' & is the regular DJ at the Chlorine reading series.

Jay Bernard’s first pamphlet Your Sign is Cuckoo, Girl (2007) was the Poetry Book Society summer choice. She was recently poet in residence on two allotments for Apples and Snakes' 'My Place or Yours?' project, and a participant in the 24-Hour Book.

Andra Simons is a Bermudian writer and performer living in London. His debut collection The Joshua Tales was published September 2009.

Vahni Capildeo works freelance for the Oxford English Dictionary and for several Caribbean and international poetry projects. Her third poetry collection, Undraining Sea, appeared from Egg Box Publishing this year.

With support from 5 Greenwich Poetry Students: Amy Bish, Irene Musoke, Nicole Fordham Hodges, James Rippingale and Emma Zielinski

check this

Friday, 20 November 2009

Crater 2 All Gone

Crater 2's all gone, await Crater 3.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Check Breeze at:


aka 'Is There Life After Openned?' Featuring four poets:


+ magazines, books & DJing.

at The Hope, Queens' Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA.

£3 concessions, £5 waged.
Arrive 7.30pm for 8pm start.

Friday, 13 November 2009


Dear Poetry Consumers,

The second number of Crater's out right now; the first in a projected mini-series of letterpress broadsides, Crater 2 contains a sequence of five spiffy poems by Jonty Tiplady called Above Shoes By Some Margin, and a block by Edward Suckling.

£4 all in if you're within the UK, £5 if you're elsewhere. Paypal or cheques or swapsies welcome.

There are just 55 of these, so respond quicksharp if you're after one. Collect the set.


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Walk Me, 8

A’s there
standing his rose
ks brightening sky he doesn’t often see
sky her fingers in
miracle-gro like a C
’s up

stolen blogging

A couple of months ago, I did something a little bit sad. I Googled myself. I can’t be alone in having done this, can I? We’ve all done it, right? Whatever. I did it.

I was nowhere. For one thing, my name is Richard Parker, which is a name that has 13 entries on Wikipedia (none of which are mine) and includes:

Richard Parker (influential US economist).

Richard Parker (tiger, fictional star of Yann Martel’s novel Life of Pi).

Richard Parker (fictional mutinous sailor who, after surviving the capsizing of his ship, is cannibalised by his fellow survivors in Edgar Allan Poe’s novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket).

Richard Parker (real life sailor who survives the foundering of his ship only to be – you guessed it – cannibalised by his fellow survivors).

Richard Parker (a second real-life sailor cannibalised by fellow survivors after a ship-wreck at sea).

Richard Parker (mathematician).

Richard Parker (Egyptologist).

It also includes a couple of US congressmen and the fictional father of Peter Parker (aka Spiderman) who is called Richard ‘Ray’ Parker – a fact I mention only because Ray is the name of my grandfather, and my father’s middle name.

For another thing, I didn’t own the url for my name, nor the direct extensions on other social networking sites. And more to the point, I didn’t publish anything online or do anything worth other people talking about online.

So apart from discovering that I’d better be careful around ships and that I’m possibly related to a super hero (something I always suspected), Googling myself revealed that I was fairly anonymous on the web. To the point where the first result for me was on page 17 and was my facebook profile. Not a situation I liked.

So I did a little experiment. I did the following:

1) Started to contribute to this blog

2) Re-posted my blog posts to my facebook, twitter and linkedin profiles

3) That’s it.

Seriously, that’s it.

I’m now, at the time of writing this post, the first post on page 1 of Google (see image).

Here’s the thing though: I’m not tricking Google, or doing anything shifty. I am creating content under my own name, and because I’m distributing it through sites that Google deems relevant (social network sites in my name), and people are clicking on those links and reading the content, I’m moving up the ranks.

It’s something we at Story have done for lots of clients, including our award-winning site for Duchy Originals. So I’m glad I could do it for myself.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Crater All Gone

There are now absolutely no Craters left, sorry.

Crater update

Only 7 left already!

Crater Arrives

This from Brighton:

Crater is a new and slight magazine containing 21 very very short poems by 12 poets, the poets, in order of appearance, being:

Michael Kindellan
Harry Gilonis
Jonty Tiplady
Robert Rehder
Joel Duncan
Francesca Lisette
Sara Crangle
Daniel Kane
Gareth Farmer
Tom Raworth
Stephen Rodefer
Alex Pestell

It's all handcrafted, letterpressed and going for just a fiver. + a quid for postage, or if you're abroad £2. Or swapsies are more than welcome. Will require paperknife.

If you want one email me (fastest fingers first; there's only 58) and I'll tell you how to paypal or cheque me depending.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

shit sucking hipsters

It's funny to laugh at other people for liking bands and stuff, right? Like, these people look a bit different from this cocksmoking republican asshole comedian so he can laugh at them - one dude has a beard and a head band - WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE. People that have heard of bands that I haven't heard of are obviously cunts; just like people with sexual interests different from mine and George W Bush's. And this shitbag also clearly hates all women. Fucking crap.


Monday, 5 October 2009

For any of you who recieved an e-mail claiming that I was
in jail in Spain and needed $25,000 immediately, I
apologize. This e-mail account was hacked and that bogus
message was sent. My e-mail has been down for several days
so if you sent anything to me in the last three days it
may not have gotten to me and you may want to resend. I
trust no one responded to the message and sent $25,000 to

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Regulars gave us a funny look and the bartender ignored us. Once I finally got someones attention, I asked for a beer and a drink for my wife. She rarely drinks, but when she does she likes a mixed drink called a "Tokyo Tea". The bartender said "we don't make no fancy drinks here!" I pointed out that it is merely a Long Island with Medori (melon) liqueur instead of coke. "Oh, she said, never heard of it" It's a pretty standard drink in any bar I point out. After receiving our drinks, I brought them to a dirty table that my wife had found. My wife tried to use the restroom, but YIKES!! What is that!! We enjoy 80's / 90's rock music, but it was so loud we couldn't hear each other from 6 inches away.
After our drink, we went on our merry "Ozzy and Harriet" way.

It's actually the kind of place we'd like to go. If the regulars didn't look at you like you were trespassing, the bartender could pour more than beer, the music was turned from 11 to 7 or 8, and you could use a restroom without contracting Hep C.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

45. Icy Ritter

Bed nook | of pine | thicket,
Branches | crinkled | o’erhead
As roof | and sides | best bed

Chambers | the high | mountains
Afford | snug squi | rrel-nests,
Venti | lated, | spicy

Odor, | wind-played | needles
Sing for | company | y, six
Nestle | among | tassels.

Night-wind | began | to blow
Gentle | breathing, | increase
Toward | midnight | to gale.

15/ix/9 – Fremont

59. A Near View of the High Sierra

Fell up | on leaf | y roof
In rag | ged surg | es like
Cascade, | bearing | wild sounds

From crag | & wat | erfall
Chorus | filling | old ice-
Fountain | with sol | emn roar,

Seeming | increase | as night
Advanced | voice fit | landscape.
Crept to | fire in | night, t’were

Bitten | cold sans | blankets.
Gladly | I welcome | d the
Morning | stars; cont | inents.

15/ix/9 – Fremont

Sunday, 13 September 2009

43. Time

Our school | was rock | pool in
Beside | the great | ocean
& we | lease this | grizzled

Silver | zone of | 7
Questions. | That we | should urn
Always | of ‘no | order

Ly Marx | ist ris | ing’, flame
Bent down | from the | hips the
World’s best | a few | don’ts as

We feels | harsh sun | between
Madras | needle | branches,
What his | tory | is this.

12/ix/9 – Glasgow

We are manufactory of cooking stove

Now I am on my way to San Francisco, via Chicago and Seattle, after going to Glasgow and London.

44. Aquatic Park

Fruit taste | all till | regain
That, or | who the | Thy with
Above | things, & | prefer,

& thou | on with | [that] preg
Nant what: | to I | the first
View. Say | parents; | ‘Heav’n their

One who | revolt | guile dec
Eiv’d his | Heaven | angels,
Himself | trusted’ | – if ag

Ainst [that] | rais’d proud | power.
With bott | omless | chains the
Spacemen | vanquisht, | though more.

6/ix/9 – Brighton

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The idea of prison is that it should be a punishment. It it fails to do that, the prison regime is too soft. I say ban television and cigarettes, and make prison about exercise and hard work. Sentences can then be shorter, and it won't be seen as a five-star easy life.

Monday, 31 August 2009


do you eat the orange bit on port salut?

Monday, 17 August 2009

jONty ON

Now Jonty is on, finally - and makes for a certainly affable stage presence. SO, I'll stop live blogging.


Now Nickly's on, playing his guitar which is beautiful and soothing like the great green cricket, bringing back to it's ok to blog levels. Play on MSTRO.


Fuck off you old cunt

This old man wants to have a chat with some other nobody, so he asked me to turn the music down. What a fucking cock. Perhaps you can go to your own house and turn your own music down, piss-bag.


Half-time. I'm playing some anarcho free jazz to general indifference. And a brief kerfuffle of dialoguers as people make their way to smoke. In some ways this live-blogging and DJing task is a great privilege - I don't have to pay to get it, I get to be in touch of stuff - but in many ways it is a burden: I have to carry my computer down here, I can't booze, I worry about breaking my computer or all the other technical stuff, I worry whether people like me or what I do; sometimes it gets a bit boring; and on occasion writers' block is a concern.

On the up side, it's an anchor in my life as Chlorine comes around month after month - something in my diary, you know?


Jessica's phone rang?! But it looks like she turned it off super quick, quick enough.

Critch On

E.C. has gone onto the stage. Some crazy confusing stuff ensues.
and grand poems

Stanley TAKES stage

Now Josh has gone! On! I think he may have said 'willy'. He's full of youthful vigour.

early days

So it's still early, there aren't that many people here yet - I hope more people come because it'd be a shame if the performers went away empty handed. Gareth thinks: 'what should I think? And that it's terrible, frankly.' Poetry is all about the fans.

Claw e'en

Right, so it's Chlorine again and I'm live blogging the hell all over it - it's mental so far. There was a soundcheck, then I put the first record on, a soupçon (?) of Rhys Chatham. The chair is more comfortable this time, which bodes well, though it's hot like a pig thinks again / thinking again.

On and on.
How about 'length of hair'? Getting your hair cut (mens and womens) can be expensive, could be considered a 'luxury' and so may have been cut back on (ahem!), yielding, on average, longer hair. Might need to be 'seasonally adjusted' and might be influenced by people, like me in fact, swapping a trip to the barber for a set of clippers and trust in your wife to do it!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

"English cricketers like being friendly and matey because it makes them feel comfortable," says Langer. "In essence this is maybe the key to the whole English psyche - they love being comfortable." Yes, that's right Justin, comfortableness is key to the whole English psyche. Those lazy, English swines, sitting about on their fat backsides and travelling to all corners of the globe, discovering exotic lands, setting up the biggest empire in human history, getting involved in comfortable wars for the last thousand years. What's that mother? Australia is the 21st fattest country in the world? Fatter than England? "There's only been one miracle in the last 2,000 years, and that was Jesus Christ," roars Sir Boycott as the players take to the field.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The schedule for re-arranging rooms will begin over August and we are working to a plan to have the rooms equipped for their new roles by the start of term in October. Thus, I would ask those of you who have personal possessions in these rooms to move them out over the next week. Much of the furniture is due to be moved in mid-August and I would not like to see people’s own books and effects confused in this re-arrangement.

I realise that a number of you may feel that you are losing your own office space, though there will be equipped working-space for you when you are at the University. We feel that we gain considerably by having space that we can share and mount a wide-range of activities in and I know my colleagues are already planning a range of activities for next year which I hope to see you at.

Monday, 3 August 2009

And in Arcadia, eggs.

My Dad used to work in a nuclear power station, and he told me they used to play 'reactor room cricket' during night shifts, using a ball made of yellow gaffer tape. The room was covered with green rubber tiles that showed up ball impacts quite nicely. He noticed with amusement one day during an inspection that some of the more lusty strikes were still visible, out of reach of the cleaning sprays.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Breeze shit you can buy

Yes, this newly R.P. researched Q.S. history's now out and super value; get it:


And there's these collaborations still knocking around:

Scarlet Letter:


French Kiss:


Glitch 2:


There are some CDs in the works and a few poemes concrete too - contact me if you desire them.

The Storm of Confusion

From 'The Mountains of California'

16. Condottieri

Our di | aspora | in
Cali | forni | a found
In the | distended | small

City | states of | Staples
& Geico | & Michaels
About | which winds | the vines,

Arbours, | begar | landed
Grottos | of ro | coco
Thingful | ness which | is in

The hot | tarmac | & the
Cold the | blown dry | leaves of
Wrath-conscious | capital.

6/vii/9 – Florence

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Embarrassing to indian dancers and why copying Michael, we love Michael Jackson please don't ruin his dance, by performing like that and that too for movie, why copying and have your own ideas, respect also indian dancer most of them they do great job ,some people like this ruin everything.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Whittaker Chambers, ‘October 21st, 1926’, Poetry, Vol. XXXVII, No. V, February 1931, pp. 258-59.

The moving masses of clouds, and the standing
Freights on the siding in the sun, alike induce in us
That despair which we, brother, know there is no withstanding.

Nothing but the moving masses of clouds has any meaning
For this tortured world now; or only motionlessness as of the cars,
In beings of substance, remains undemeaning.

Only the mention of the motion of masses,
Being or substance, has any meaning – or their cessation
Upon the perfect turn of the experience motion amasses.

We see all about us how, in creation,
Flowers from the dark gathering in their roots, with one motion,
Thrust themselves perfect, O God, perfect from increation.

And you know, brother, it is the same with cessation;
You know how perfect must be the ways of anything
Designing its return to cessation.

You know it is the cessation of the motion in me I am waiting:
And not lack of love, or love of the sun’s generation, and the motion
Of bodies, or their stasis, that keeps me – but my perfection for death I am waiting.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Everybody seems to be texting and tweeting and nobody seems to spend any time in contemplation. It's not pop music. It's not about waving your lighter around. There is no physical participation for the audience. It is a quiet involvement. One or two people clapping can spoil it for everyone.

Monday, 20 July 2009


Richard attacked by troubled teenagers, to whom he extends his quivering pity. They biffed him on the head and asked for his bag, Richard said 'no no!', then they ran off. TERROR! His wounds are healing and he seems to be making a good recovery.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Monday, 22 June 2009


Yes, I've been booted off the bill for the Southbank, either because there wasn't enough space or because I turned up two hours late for the last Brand event.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Charles Reznikoff's 'Karl Marx'

We shall arise while the stars are still shining,
while the street-lights burn brightly in the dawn,
to begin the work we delight in,
and no one shall tell us, Go,
you must go now
to the shop or office you work in
to waste your life for your living.
There shall be no more war, no more hatred:
none of us shall die of sickness;
there shall be bread and no one hunger for bread –
and fruit better than any a wild tree grew.
Wheels of steel and pistons of steel
shall fetch us water and hew us wood;
we shall call nothing mine – nothing for ourselves only.
Proclaim to the seed of man
throughout the length and breadth of the continents,
From each according to his strength,
to each according to his need.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Opportunities to see Richard

Thursday 25th June, 13.30. 'Major League Baseball in Avant-Garde American Poetry from Imagism to L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E' at the University of Western Ontario, London (Ontario), Canada as part of the Sport and Literature Association Conference.

Thursday 2nd July, 11.15 'Ezra Pound and Gerhart Münch' and at 16.15 chairing the 'Pound and Editing' panel at the Centro Studi Americani, Palazzo Antici Mattei, Rome, Italy as part of the 23rd Ezra Pound International Conference.

Thursday 9th July, approx. 22.30 Richard (arriving from Paris) will be desperately trying to get to Xing the Line's Onedit launch in the Leather Exchange near London Bridge, at which event, if he magically manages to get there in time, he might be reading.

Sunday 12th July, 19.00, Richard may be (though he has a feeling he's been dropped from the bill due to previous infractions) reading at a 'Brand Shorts' event at the Poetry Library on the South Bank.

Sometime very soon after that Richard will likely be DJing at the next Chlorine event in the Hope in Brighton. Of the last Chris Cheek said there was 'good music'

Monday, 15 June 2009

Freshwater Lens

On the first day of the
Review of clouds there were
No clouds & the sky was

Steel blue, which is alien,
Not a colour of life.
Him looking out of the

Aeroplane window will
Be dead. & addressing
Action committee at

Top of mountain hidden
Among the small bushes
& half-trench dug in clay

Means death. He is of rivers
[Vide my threat at
Assisi]. I would bury

Him beneath riverbed
So that the waters could pick
The dust & the pebbles

& at their ebb leave him
Clean & white so a dog
Would think him sheep’s bones

& a farmer flints of
The river – only the lofty
Hawk might see you sun-stretched

As you were. ‘Don’t pay
To see me suffer
In my under ground

Water prison,’ newt that
Stays newt. Your water gist

To drown or to be cut
Apart with swords, or to
Be destroyed by fire

Or sword, dragonfly or rock.
Ah, salt, at the low point
Of the world, wave bobbing

At the limit of the
Lens – at the limit of
Our dissolution in

This river & after.
Welcome salt & uplift
On warm breeze of the thin

Upper layers as sun
Welcomes the high midday
In littlest hobo release.
Well, as it happens, it wasn't tittle-tattle I was hoisted upon but my own bad self.

newt that stays newt

Right; half-time in the city. And my hangover is coming along great guns. Tight Meat Duo is going down like cough syrup. And the first acts were great and funny, though I'm hot like a tacco. What's gonna happen next?! What can't HAPPEN?!

Peace Reigns

SO I'm at the Chlorine reading blogging live; we got the sound to go and I'm knocking out some Om, which is 16minutes so's I got some blog time; and there's people here, smiling; joyful; 'how's this going', 'what happened with that'; probably tittle tattle too. I'm in the booth - still no comments on soundz.

Chlorine on the Scene

Welcome to Chrlorine, blogging live on Monday the 15th of June 2009. Right now we're just setting up still; Chris working on his data projector and I'm waiting for the manager to tell me which channels I'll be squeezing my tunes through. I await with bated breath the excitements and tribulations hurtling toward me tonight tonight tonight.

Tittle tattle

Richard will not tolerate any of this tittle-tattle going around and retaliate with IRON FISTS to all of those who ignore this injunction.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

teh black box if it was in this temporal reality

The simple fact of the matter is.... That where the plane supposedly "crashed" is one of the deepest regions of the ocean in the world. So the "Black Box" won't be found.... But back to the Original Question. YES it is a possibility. Lets think about it.. a technologically advanced plane just Disapeared. as it passed through a freak electrical storm.... I want tou all to think.. was it a freak electrical storm?"??? or the e4ffects of a freak UFO reentry into our atmosphere. We'll see.... I want to see BODIES... and lots of them before I give ANY AND I MEAN ANY credence to a magical crash of a perfectly gfine plane cruising through the atmosphere. Maybe after we see some bodies.... then yeah maybe it just crashed. But personally when I first heard this news I said incidental "UFO" encounter... and you won't find the "black box" and if they do find the "black box" it is a fake... teh black box if it was in this temporal reality is under a MILE of water and we aren't going to summon a BILLION dollar nuclear sub to look for a black box for some petty civilians (no offence family of civilians our governemtn just doesnt care about YOU or your family).... I think I said enough yes it is a possibility and any "black box" discovered is a fraud....



Friday, 5 June 2009


Back from London last night, after a spiffy London Cantos Reading Group meeting at the hands of Andrew Thacker, waving a condom full of black beetles who had all kinds of wacky things to say about Canto 14. And then there's that Gordon Brown; what's going on there?! He's a mass murderer because of that stuff in Iraq and whatnot, and he keeps on doing these silly things no one wants, like privatising the Royal Mail and identity cards and such, and with all the economy stuff he seems to be sort of panicky and that. His funny old face though.

Also; short skirts; an incitement to rape?! People should be able to wear what they like, even if it makes feminists feel sick. I should be able to wear jumpers and such, but it gets too hot and stuffy in the summer, I hate it. Summer's OK if you can stay still and not do much.

I've this for Robert:

As there is now no Left
not in Iowa & not in
Tehran, Columbia or Brighton
says Baucis to Philemon
‘Pine cone from B to P:
particle ascends cross-section.’

Sunday, 31 May 2009

London reads. He understands all conversations around him. He puts two and two together before the humans usually do. He never panics. He knows instantly what to do in any situation. He can remove a cassette from an audiotape or videotape recorder. He can chew a rope loose from a boat and use it to pull a distressed person in the water all of the way to shore. Herman Melville in Moby Dick suggested that if God could come to Earth in any form, He would be a whale. But perhaps a dog would be a more appropriate form to choose- a land animal, intimate with humans who need help, able to snarl and intimidate the ill-intentioned, to bark disapprovingly at basically good people about to illegally err, and to lick and pat the people that He cares for and wants to help. As the series progressed, the producers and writers, intentionally or otherwise, hinted more and more at London being far, far more than a conventional canine. A mutant dog with superior intelligence. A dog with noble human karma. A "Guardian Angel" in the form of a "spirit dog". A mythological hero reincarnated. Anything but an ephemeral German shepherd. Lassie and Benji cannot "hold a candle" to London's heroics. And London belongs to no one and to everyone! This series is mythical, as well as a Canadian icon!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

In 1833, Edgar Allan Poe wrote his only published novella, a fairly ordinary work titled The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. In said narrative, Pym spends some time adrift at sea with two other unfortunates on the overturned hull of the Grampus, on which he was stowing away. One of those unfortunates was a cabin boy by the name of Richard Parker - and poor young Parker is gruesomely killed and eaten by his two companions, who thereby survive to be rescued.

51 years later, the three survivors of the wreckage at sea of the Mignonette, a yacht bound for Australian shores, are adrift for 19 days in a dingy. On the 16th day of the ordeal, the 17-year-old cabin boy, who the other two survivors blame for their lack of fresh water and food (they had only two tins of turnips), and who is near death due to the effects of drinking sea water, is killed and eaten by his two companions. The young boy's name? Yup.

This remarkable coincidence may never have been brought to public notice except that, upon their rescue, the two cannibalists were arrested for murder and brought back to the United Kingdom for trial. Cannibalism for reason of survival on the high sea was, in those days, not as infrequent as one might think, and had theretofore never been treated as a crime. The two were found guilty, and the case established the precedent that the only legal defense of murder is self defense. They were sentenced to death, but due to the nature of their ordeal, the sentence was commuted to a short prison stay. The story is recorded, among other sources, on the tombstone of Richard Parker's mother.1

The tiger in the Booker Prize-winning Life of Pi was named Richard Parker in homage to this statistical blip. In somewhat less interesting coincidences, Peter Parker's father is Richard Parker, as was the British sailor who led the Nore Mutiny of 1793.

Richard Parker is a dangerous name, especially at sea.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

what contorted environment lead you to make such an effort to state the bleeding obvious so very carefully

what contorted environment lead you to make such an effort to state the bleeding obvious so very carefully

Monday, 11 May 2009

Half Time

That was nuts; Gareth and Tom's readings went off more or less without hitch, though Tom was in the loo for when he was supposed to go on - but I played a record and it was all fine. Ace. Let's see what the second half holds! I'm nervous about playing the minidisk.

Poetry Night Develops

Now it's really getting going; Gareth's about to go on and I've got Wooden Shjips on the sound system. The - no, now he's on!

Blogging During "DJ Set"

This evening I am playing some tunes from out of my itunes at this night called Chlorine, which is Francesca's poetry night thing - and it's pretty nuts, I'll tell you that for nothing. So far I've been on this stool and letting my itunes play while the other people talk to one another. LUCKILY! There's the internet so that I can blog, wicked. So far the song that has gone down best has been a Panda Bear song that one person said to me that they liked it. Yes! And I'll get to have a go at playing the minidisk player later, wicked too. ACE

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

This off of Youtube

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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Chances to See Richard: LIVE

Brand Launch,
Rich Mix, Bethnal Green

Sunday 3rd May, 8.00 or so

Xing the Line,
The Leather Exchange, 15 Leathermarket Street,
London Bridge, SE1 3HN

Thursday 7th May, 7:30

Recent Developments

Today: Richard sent off three job applications and one conference proposal (another's almost there, will send tonight), rewrote the first third of the first third of his first chapter, ate salmon sandwiches, secured poems by Tom Raworth for Crater, read a bit of that endless William Carlos Williams biography, listened repeatedly to the new Jono El Grande and Zombi albums and will have prawns and spaghetti for dinner. Who needs friends?

Dangerous Desk Lamp WARNING

Please see attached picture of a desk lamp. There has recently been an
incident where a member of staff burnt their hand on this type of lamp.

The lamp is designed with the switch at the back of the bulb holder. When
you switch the lamp off it is quite easy to burn your hand on the bulb
cover as you reach over to the switch.

I am aware that we have several of these lamps in HUMs, so If you have a
lamp like this please be very careful when switching it off. If you would
rather we replace the lamp please bring it to the School Office. We are
currently looking to source a suitable alternative.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

So-Called "pop-stars"

I have never bought a record, tape or a DVD/CD in my life. I have had a few bought for me but I refuse to give these so-called pop stars/singers any of my money. There is the radio for listening to music and that is as far as I take it.

I know of people who spend £40-£50 per month on music - quite frankly they are such sad people.

I have never even been to a music concert nor downloaded any music on the web. My money is for ME and not for others to live like lords on it.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Tasks to Achieve

These are the things I need to sort out for my life to be complete:

1. Finish thesis.
2. Get good at Scalextric.
3. Sort out hair.
4. Convince myself that sitting around reading books is fun.
5. Find job, settle down, GET PET.
6. Finish reading poems and essays of Robin Blaser.
7. Find a niche!

Friday, 10 April 2009


right, the last line on that jack spicer poem should be indented but this blog thing would not recognise my indentation - great. This is 2009, buddy! Also, is there anyway of getting Firefox to accept English spelling? And to get this blog to deal with the fact that I don't and won't have a google email account.

Sporty Spicer

In lieu of relevant thesis work I have been continuing my reading of American poets who wrote a little about baseball, and am on Jack Spicer. This is one:

For Jack

Tell everyone to have guts
Do it yourself
Have guts until the guts
Come through the margins
Clear and pure
Like love is.
The word changes
grows obscure
Like someone
In the coldness of the scarey night air
I want your voice.

This is an 'admonition' from Admonitions and is addressed to Spicer himself, of course. Try rewriting this poem using a word of your own for every one of Spicer's, but without just making each its opposite or equivalent. Harder than it looks.

Recent Developments

I found my phone again, it was down a sofa, and I've had to send my laptop off to the shop as it's sprung a leak. Today I walked across the downs in the rain, was naturally disappointed by the no view from the top and when I got home had one painful foot and a huge nap. My mum's just gone home from visiting which meant lots of nice meals and stuff, and racing has continued - and is still evenly matched, which is annoying for me as I had hoped to be better than Nadja at this.

Easter eggs?

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Recent Developments

Today Richard finished the current draft of the Introduction of his thesis, will go through it again tonight/tomorrow and have it in ready for Monday. For real. What next though? Read a book? Bah.
Richard buys Ford Mustang with extra magnets for grip, for Scalextric. Nadja buys Corvette. Muscle Car face-off. These cars are far better than her old Ferraris. So far racing has been pretty evenly split. The Mustang does cooler slides, the Corvette seems nippier.

Friday, 3 April 2009


Agh! I've lost my phone. If you're trying to call me and I'm not calling you back then don't worry, I'm not ignoring you. If you haven't been trying to call me then that's your look-out.

Is this fitting blog material?
These are the details for the mix I sent out:


i) Emeralds – Alive in the Sea of Information
ii) Ashtray Navigations – Teetotum Moan
iii) Josephine Foster – All I wanted was the moon
iv) Monopoly Child Star Searchers – Untitled
v) Marisa Nadler – Horses and their Kin
vi) Morton Feldman – Spring of Chosroes
vii) Animal Collective – No More Runnin’
viii) Animal Collective – Brother Sport


i) Anton Webern – Pasacalia, Opus 1
ii) Toto – Africa
iii) Sir Richard Bishop – Zurvan
iv) Peter Zummo – Song IV
v) Sonic Youth – Fire Engine Dream
vi) Lloyd Wyatt and Sparrow Durham – Andrew Pickens Resurrected / Farewell Ma Peak S
vii) John Fahey – Irish Setter

New Mastodon Album

The new mastodon album is really wet, but also fantastic - check out the weird emo bits in 'Quintessence'. It cames with a 90 minute making off documentary, from which I found out that the concept behind the record is that this disabled boy in Tsarist Russia has this out of body experience and somehow his 'golden umbilical chord' that connects him to his old body gets cut and he gets lost up in the aether (the aforementioned 'Quintessence'). Luckily, however, Rasputin (!) takes pity on the boy and allows himself to be assassinated even though he knows he could have got away and then flies up and brings the boy back to his body. Then there's this song called 'The Last Baron' which is apparently about WWI dogfights and such. Bananas.

There will never be a record as good as Leviathan but this is a weird great pop metal confection, astounding.

First Blog Post

Amazing, this is my first blogpost, as I become a blogger. The idea of this is to add a new hobby to my extensive list of hobbies that I can do while I am not writing my thesis or doing other worthwhile things. If you want you can read along and partake of the excitement in my life vicariously.