Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New Crater

Crater 3; Acacia Feelings: The Collected Poems of Pao Ling-hui, from North
by Harry Gilonis, is now available for order. It contains 7 of HG's
faithless translations, letterpressed and hand bound in a
run of 170, available for £5 UK £6 outlands, p&p included.
Confusing folding; no paperknife required. Here's the blab on PLh:

Pao Ling-hui was an early Sung dynasty poet. Younger sister of the male poet
Pao Chao, she probably died circa 464 AD. 200 of his poems survive; her
surviving 7 are collected in the later anthology New Songs from a Jade
Terrace. Her works based on precursor poems have attracted particular praise.

Paypal, cheques and swapsies welcome. Great late Christmas present for poetry
loved ones; fantastic gauze stocking filler for a court lady or a servant who
complains. Email me for one.

Merry Christmas to all!


Friday, 11 December 2009

Records of the Year

What with the credit crunch and banking fat cats and expenses claims and immigration and so on it's been a bit of gloomy year, perhaps. What records have kept you feeling fine in 09? I attach my list below, though it's not very inspiring - kind of like I've given up a bit. Anyway, check it out and tell me yours:

1. David Ahlen We Sprout in Thy Soil - this is some Norwegian dude singing really short songs about Jesus, all echoey and sad if that's your thing. Grey credit crunch music.
2. Jono El Grande Neo Dada - More from Norway I think; Zappa style gonzo orchestra pop. Spring in step, off of rune grammafon.
3. Zombi Spirit Animal - this is a grand album, isn't it, principally because of the rad first track and so on.
4. Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavillion- this is what i mean about giving up; I've probably gained more joy from this record than any other on this list.
5. Sunn O))) Monoliths & Dimensions - this is just a grand record; toned down Sunn, which I don't think has been talked about as much as it should have been/
6. Monopoly Child Star Searchers Prince of Parrot Shooters - they've probably released 8 records this year or something, but this is the one that I got hold of and if you like abstract loops and tribal hijinks, dead slow, then this is for you. They're something to do with the Skaters?
7. Mastodon Crack the Skye - perhaps the biggest sell-out moment of 2009, which is quite an achievement for a band that were never sold in and tour supporting Metallica. Check my online review here.
8. Emeralds What Happened - everyone was interested in this band for like two minutes. And the album satisfied me. Why not?
9. Ashtray Navigations San Francisco Loops - likewise, probably 16 records out this year, but this was some joyful electrical hijinx that was happiness inducing more than some others I could mention
10. Bob Dylan Christmas in the Heart


11. Lightning Bolt Earthly Delights - I haven't actually heard this album yet, but if the next two stinkers can get on this list then it should rightfully be here
12. Om God is Good - Boring boring boring, with like a few seconds of surprise with guest bits, isn't it.
13. Zu Carboniferous - I liked this for about a week then realised it was ACTUALLY just the same old skronk rock. It's basically Sand or whatever, MORPHINE!

My play count tells me that Journey's 'Lights' is far and away the most listened to song on my iplayer, with 21 plays. And I only got the record in September.