Friday, 3 April 2009

New Mastodon Album

The new mastodon album is really wet, but also fantastic - check out the weird emo bits in 'Quintessence'. It cames with a 90 minute making off documentary, from which I found out that the concept behind the record is that this disabled boy in Tsarist Russia has this out of body experience and somehow his 'golden umbilical chord' that connects him to his old body gets cut and he gets lost up in the aether (the aforementioned 'Quintessence'). Luckily, however, Rasputin (!) takes pity on the boy and allows himself to be assassinated even though he knows he could have got away and then flies up and brings the boy back to his body. Then there's this song called 'The Last Baron' which is apparently about WWI dogfights and such. Bananas.

There will never be a record as good as Leviathan but this is a weird great pop metal confection, astounding.

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