Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Crater All Gone

There are now absolutely no Craters left, sorry.

Crater update

Only 7 left already!

Crater Arrives

This from Brighton:

Crater is a new and slight magazine containing 21 very very short poems by 12 poets, the poets, in order of appearance, being:

Michael Kindellan
Harry Gilonis
Jonty Tiplady
Robert Rehder
Joel Duncan
Francesca Lisette
Sara Crangle
Daniel Kane
Gareth Farmer
Tom Raworth
Stephen Rodefer
Alex Pestell

It's all handcrafted, letterpressed and going for just a fiver. + a quid for postage, or if you're abroad £2. Or swapsies are more than welcome. Will require paperknife.

If you want one email me (fastest fingers first; there's only 58) and I'll tell you how to paypal or cheque me depending.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

shit sucking hipsters

It's funny to laugh at other people for liking bands and stuff, right? Like, these people look a bit different from this cocksmoking republican asshole comedian so he can laugh at them - one dude has a beard and a head band - WHAT A FUCKING ASSHOLE. People that have heard of bands that I haven't heard of are obviously cunts; just like people with sexual interests different from mine and George W Bush's. And this shitbag also clearly hates all women. Fucking crap.


Monday, 5 October 2009

For any of you who recieved an e-mail claiming that I was
in jail in Spain and needed $25,000 immediately, I
apologize. This e-mail account was hacked and that bogus
message was sent. My e-mail has been down for several days
so if you sent anything to me in the last three days it
may not have gotten to me and you may want to resend. I
trust no one responded to the message and sent $25,000 to