Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Monday, 22 June 2009


Yes, I've been booted off the bill for the Southbank, either because there wasn't enough space or because I turned up two hours late for the last Brand event.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Charles Reznikoff's 'Karl Marx'

We shall arise while the stars are still shining,
while the street-lights burn brightly in the dawn,
to begin the work we delight in,
and no one shall tell us, Go,
you must go now
to the shop or office you work in
to waste your life for your living.
There shall be no more war, no more hatred:
none of us shall die of sickness;
there shall be bread and no one hunger for bread –
and fruit better than any a wild tree grew.
Wheels of steel and pistons of steel
shall fetch us water and hew us wood;
we shall call nothing mine – nothing for ourselves only.
Proclaim to the seed of man
throughout the length and breadth of the continents,
From each according to his strength,
to each according to his need.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Opportunities to see Richard

Thursday 25th June, 13.30. 'Major League Baseball in Avant-Garde American Poetry from Imagism to L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E' at the University of Western Ontario, London (Ontario), Canada as part of the Sport and Literature Association Conference.

Thursday 2nd July, 11.15 'Ezra Pound and Gerhart M√ľnch' and at 16.15 chairing the 'Pound and Editing' panel at the Centro Studi Americani, Palazzo Antici Mattei, Rome, Italy as part of the 23rd Ezra Pound International Conference.

Thursday 9th July, approx. 22.30 Richard (arriving from Paris) will be desperately trying to get to Xing the Line's Onedit launch in the Leather Exchange near London Bridge, at which event, if he magically manages to get there in time, he might be reading.

Sunday 12th July, 19.00, Richard may be (though he has a feeling he's been dropped from the bill due to previous infractions) reading at a 'Brand Shorts' event at the Poetry Library on the South Bank.

Sometime very soon after that Richard will likely be DJing at the next Chlorine event in the Hope in Brighton. Of the last Chris Cheek said there was 'good music'

Monday, 15 June 2009

Freshwater Lens

On the first day of the
Review of clouds there were
No clouds & the sky was

Steel blue, which is alien,
Not a colour of life.
Him looking out of the

Aeroplane window will
Be dead. & addressing
Action committee at

Top of mountain hidden
Among the small bushes
& half-trench dug in clay

Means death. He is of rivers
[Vide my threat at
Assisi]. I would bury

Him beneath riverbed
So that the waters could pick
The dust & the pebbles

& at their ebb leave him
Clean & white so a dog
Would think him sheep’s bones

& a farmer flints of
The river – only the lofty
Hawk might see you sun-stretched

As you were. ‘Don’t pay
To see me suffer
In my under ground

Water prison,’ newt that
Stays newt. Your water gist

To drown or to be cut
Apart with swords, or to
Be destroyed by fire

Or sword, dragonfly or rock.
Ah, salt, at the low point
Of the world, wave bobbing

At the limit of the
Lens – at the limit of
Our dissolution in

This river & after.
Welcome salt & uplift
On warm breeze of the thin

Upper layers as sun
Welcomes the high midday
In littlest hobo release.
Well, as it happens, it wasn't tittle-tattle I was hoisted upon but my own bad self.

newt that stays newt

Right; half-time in the city. And my hangover is coming along great guns. Tight Meat Duo is going down like cough syrup. And the first acts were great and funny, though I'm hot like a tacco. What's gonna happen next?! What can't HAPPEN?!

Peace Reigns

SO I'm at the Chlorine reading blogging live; we got the sound to go and I'm knocking out some Om, which is 16minutes so's I got some blog time; and there's people here, smiling; joyful; 'how's this going', 'what happened with that'; probably tittle tattle too. I'm in the booth - still no comments on soundz.

Chlorine on the Scene

Welcome to Chrlorine, blogging live on Monday the 15th of June 2009. Right now we're just setting up still; Chris working on his data projector and I'm waiting for the manager to tell me which channels I'll be squeezing my tunes through. I await with bated breath the excitements and tribulations hurtling toward me tonight tonight tonight.

Tittle tattle

Richard will not tolerate any of this tittle-tattle going around and retaliate with IRON FISTS to all of those who ignore this injunction.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

teh black box if it was in this temporal reality

The simple fact of the matter is.... That where the plane supposedly "crashed" is one of the deepest regions of the ocean in the world. So the "Black Box" won't be found.... But back to the Original Question. YES it is a possibility. Lets think about it.. a technologically advanced plane just Disapeared. as it passed through a freak electrical storm.... I want tou all to think.. was it a freak electrical storm?"??? or the e4ffects of a freak UFO reentry into our atmosphere. We'll see.... I want to see BODIES... and lots of them before I give ANY AND I MEAN ANY credence to a magical crash of a perfectly gfine plane cruising through the atmosphere. Maybe after we see some bodies.... then yeah maybe it just crashed. But personally when I first heard this news I said incidental "UFO" encounter... and you won't find the "black box" and if they do find the "black box" it is a fake... teh black box if it was in this temporal reality is under a MILE of water and we aren't going to summon a BILLION dollar nuclear sub to look for a black box for some petty civilians (no offence family of civilians our governemtn just doesnt care about YOU or your family).... I think I said enough yes it is a possibility and any "black box" discovered is a fraud....



Friday, 5 June 2009


Back from London last night, after a spiffy London Cantos Reading Group meeting at the hands of Andrew Thacker, waving a condom full of black beetles who had all kinds of wacky things to say about Canto 14. And then there's that Gordon Brown; what's going on there?! He's a mass murderer because of that stuff in Iraq and whatnot, and he keeps on doing these silly things no one wants, like privatising the Royal Mail and identity cards and such, and with all the economy stuff he seems to be sort of panicky and that. His funny old face though.

Also; short skirts; an incitement to rape?! People should be able to wear what they like, even if it makes feminists feel sick. I should be able to wear jumpers and such, but it gets too hot and stuffy in the summer, I hate it. Summer's OK if you can stay still and not do much.

I've this for Robert:

As there is now no Left
not in Iowa & not in
Tehran, Columbia or Brighton
says Baucis to Philemon
‘Pine cone from B to P:
particle ascends cross-section.’