Saturday, 6 June 2009

teh black box if it was in this temporal reality

The simple fact of the matter is.... That where the plane supposedly "crashed" is one of the deepest regions of the ocean in the world. So the "Black Box" won't be found.... But back to the Original Question. YES it is a possibility. Lets think about it.. a technologically advanced plane just Disapeared. as it passed through a freak electrical storm.... I want tou all to think.. was it a freak electrical storm?"??? or the e4ffects of a freak UFO reentry into our atmosphere. We'll see.... I want to see BODIES... and lots of them before I give ANY AND I MEAN ANY credence to a magical crash of a perfectly gfine plane cruising through the atmosphere. Maybe after we see some bodies.... then yeah maybe it just crashed. But personally when I first heard this news I said incidental "UFO" encounter... and you won't find the "black box" and if they do find the "black box" it is a fake... teh black box if it was in this temporal reality is under a MILE of water and we aren't going to summon a BILLION dollar nuclear sub to look for a black box for some petty civilians (no offence family of civilians our governemtn just doesnt care about YOU or your family).... I think I said enough yes it is a possibility and any "black box" discovered is a fraud....



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