Friday, 5 June 2009


Back from London last night, after a spiffy London Cantos Reading Group meeting at the hands of Andrew Thacker, waving a condom full of black beetles who had all kinds of wacky things to say about Canto 14. And then there's that Gordon Brown; what's going on there?! He's a mass murderer because of that stuff in Iraq and whatnot, and he keeps on doing these silly things no one wants, like privatising the Royal Mail and identity cards and such, and with all the economy stuff he seems to be sort of panicky and that. His funny old face though.

Also; short skirts; an incitement to rape?! People should be able to wear what they like, even if it makes feminists feel sick. I should be able to wear jumpers and such, but it gets too hot and stuffy in the summer, I hate it. Summer's OK if you can stay still and not do much.

I've this for Robert:

As there is now no Left
not in Iowa & not in
Tehran, Columbia or Brighton
says Baucis to Philemon
‘Pine cone from B to P:
particle ascends cross-section.’

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