Sunday, 31 May 2009

London reads. He understands all conversations around him. He puts two and two together before the humans usually do. He never panics. He knows instantly what to do in any situation. He can remove a cassette from an audiotape or videotape recorder. He can chew a rope loose from a boat and use it to pull a distressed person in the water all of the way to shore. Herman Melville in Moby Dick suggested that if God could come to Earth in any form, He would be a whale. But perhaps a dog would be a more appropriate form to choose- a land animal, intimate with humans who need help, able to snarl and intimidate the ill-intentioned, to bark disapprovingly at basically good people about to illegally err, and to lick and pat the people that He cares for and wants to help. As the series progressed, the producers and writers, intentionally or otherwise, hinted more and more at London being far, far more than a conventional canine. A mutant dog with superior intelligence. A dog with noble human karma. A "Guardian Angel" in the form of a "spirit dog". A mythological hero reincarnated. Anything but an ephemeral German shepherd. Lassie and Benji cannot "hold a candle" to London's heroics. And London belongs to no one and to everyone! This series is mythical, as well as a Canadian icon!

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