Tuesday, 5 May 2009

This off of Youtube

John Bolton for President! Bolton, president for fucking rednecks? yes! president for fucking AmeriCUNTs but not for Americans, such nasty language,is that the same mouth that you kiss your mother with? No! This is the same mouth that would spat on your shit-Bush-sucker FACE.
You are an AmeriCUNT not an American. A good American never say BOLTON for president.... becuase obviously he is a CUNT. You are a very foolish ,whatever you are,are you a Muslim?Atheist?or an everyday third world idiot?You may not like my comment,SO WHAT,Bolton would certainly be a better pick than the communist we have for president now.I would suggest that you go drink some camel urine for what ales you,just like Muhammad said. Why you mother fucking AmeriCUNTs jump instantly on Muslims for no reason? mother fucker how do u know whether i am amuslim or not? listen AmeriCUNT! your current president is half muslim, and he is black.... u cant do any thing about Hussein OBAMA but to fuck ur self

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