Monday 4 October 2010

Thursday 30 September 2010


All new Craters, including ones by Michael Kindellan, Robert Rehder and Jessica Pujol i Duran now available at the Crater Press website;

Friday 20 August 2010

Stats gone

All Stats on Infinity now gone; they're all sold I'm afraid. The dream is over.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

New Atkins Crater

Now announcing the second biggest Crater yet! In full technicolor I'm delighted to present 14 of Tim Atkins's heralded (faithless) translations of Petrarch. 14 14ers. This is fab and you should buy it; £8 for GB £9 for ROW (both inc. p&p) - letterpressed, handbound, and definitely worth your while.

Look, here's one for free:

Final Sonnet 366

The boys are singing to drive away the noxious birds
Before women it is useful to practice on statues
& now I am here to tell you all that I have discovered
That living is one of the best things—
there where I ripped it
That her eyes couldn’t have been more beautiful—
I just thought they were
Driving my utopian car over the dystopian roads
I go over and look at myself
& look surprised
Because living is one of the best things I go over
I stand there listening to the sunshine burning the grass
My horn a crumpled dream
Earthlings ! Comrades ! ¡ AdiĆ³s !
Work out your salvation with diligence
As if everything were still possible

Email me if you want one; paypal and cheques accepted, or tell me your terms. You can also locate it at Crater Press website, and buy it (and a whole bunch of other beautiful Crater stuff) with clicks and less toilsome chitchat.

Paperknife required.

Also, why not subscribe? £50(£55 ROW)'ll get you 10 copies or £50/5 worth of Craters, whichever takes longer. Other suggestions welcome.

Tuesday 20 July 2010

The Stats on Infinity is now available via a click

You can get Crater Press's Keston Sutherland's The Stats on Infinity via just a couple of clicks, rather than through the irksome inter-human interaction of having to email and talk things over with me. It's available through a subsection of the nice people at the Knives, Forks and Spoons Press; here.

The bad news is there aren't very many copies left any more. Also, a final few copies of Harry Gilonis's mighty Acacia Feelings are also available. So order them!

A new project will appear imminently.